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    3/5 December 10, 2013
    Reviewer: Christee in South Carolina
    * I like many of the Great Low Carb Bread Company's offerings, but these hot dog rolls just didn't work for me. The hot dog rolls are similar, if not identical, in texture and taste to the Great Low Carb hamburger and dinner rolls. Yes, the seemingly unavoidable slightly dense, chewy/spongy low carb bread texture is present. The taste is neutral with no off flavors that I can detect. The problem is that I prefer soft, squishy, sweet hot dog rolls. Probably unattainable in low carb, but my preference nonetheless. The slightly dense, chewy texture of these hot dog rolls really sucked up a lot of condiments. Even though these rolls are slightly smaller than wheat-based hot dog rolls, for me, the ratio of roll to hot dog is off. There is just too much roll which gets in the way of enjoying the hot dog. I rate these rolls a 3 because, really, there's nothing wrong with them. They just don't appeal to me. So, for now, I remain hot dog bunless.
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    4/5 August 16, 2015
    Reviewer: A customer in Massachusetts
    * These hot dog buns were tasty. But, they tasted exactly like the Great Low Carb Bread Co.'s Hamburger Buns. Not a bad thing, per se. Same taste, different shape. But, the richness of the bread takes on a slightly different effect combined with a hot dog.

    I think we're accustomed to those fluffy, light, airy hot dog buns of summers past, and these are not them. They are quite dense and filling, and can take away the taste of the hot dog more readily than the Hamburger Bun does for the burger.

    That said, they were still enjoyable. I would reorder. But, one hot dog bun per meal is quite enough. These buns would probably be better served as a roll for a sausage, or shaved steak.

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    5/5 August 17, 2014
    Reviewer: JOEL in New York
    * Hope they're really as low carb as they claim as they're delicious. I'm doing the Atkins diet and have lost a lot of weight which I couldn't have done without the low carb bread companies products.
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    5/5 November 30, 2013
    Reviewer: Barbara in Montana
    * I reviewed the everything bagels and wanted to review these buns also. Very good taste and no blood sugar spike. This year with the Thanksgiving leftovers, I made real stuffing once again!! I toasted a hot dog bun let it dry, chopped it up, then added it to the usual stuffing ingredients, little chicken broth, an egg and baked it. It was so yummy!!

    I've been almost 2 years without any bread product due to diabetes. I am so happy to be able to have bread again!!

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    5/5 October 10, 2015
    Reviewer: Nicole in Minnesota
    * I love these hot dog buns! They are extremely good when broiled briefly for a little crunch on the outside. I also use them as dinner rolls for low carb chocolate spread or cream cheese. Yummy!
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    5/5 July 04, 2014
    Reviewer: Janet in California
    * I love these convenient and tasty hot dog buns! I take them directly from the freezer, pop them into the microwave for 15-20 seconds to slightly defrost them, slice with a serrated bread knife, toast them in the broiler or toaster oven, back side first, and then slather with butter, mayo, mustard, SF pickle relish, whatever your favorite or "whim du jour" is. They come out crisp and golden brown with a nice crunch texture and bite to them, a really scrumptious mouth feel, just like toast. Just be careful when broiling. It only takes a few seconds, and you do NOT want to waste these beauties by burning them.

    Then nuke a Polish Sausage or hot dog for a minute or two (depending on your meat of choice), pop that into your waiting toasty bun, throw a pickle on the plate, maybe some coleslaw, and voila! A great meal for a hot summer day or anytime for a quicky, "feed me NOW!" type of meal. Wonderful! This is one of my favorite meals, and these hot dog buns are an important part of it.

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    5/5 December 26, 2013
    Reviewer: Laura in Washington
    * Taste and texture is decent, and it passed my "glucose meter test" (little to no impact on my blood sugar), so I have no complaints. I think I prefer using these as "hoagie rolls" instead of hot dog buns -- when I popped my favorite Costco chicken sausage in one, my main reaction was "hmm...maybe I don't miss hot dog buns as much as I thought I did." But, a good product! I will definitely be trying more Great Low Carb Bread Company products.
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    5/5 November 05, 2013
    Reviewer: A customer in Georgia
    * Just received my first bag of these. I ate one with some butter to see how it tasted before I made my first chili dog. It's a little chewy, but no after taste that I could detect. Actually tasted very good! I had craved chili dogs with onions and slaw so long. Being diabetic I just cannot eat all the bread. So, most of mine were cut up in a bowl. Now with only 2 carbs per bun, I can really fix and eat a real chili dog. I am sure with the hot dog, chili, cheese, onions, and slaw; I probably won't be able to taste the bun. But, it tastes pretty good just by itself. I'm going to try their hamburger buns and bread too. Thanks Netrition for carrying these! Your prices are great! Shipping is wonderful! Everything comes packaged so well. I can't believe how I ever made it before this site. ;o)
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    4/5 November 10, 2013
    Reviewer: A customer in New York
    * Rolls were small but served its purpose.
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    1/5 February 24, 2016
    Reviewer: Maureen in Florida
    * This was my first time ordering these hot dog buns. I also ordered the pizza bread, the dinner rolls, and the hamburger buns. I did not like them at ALL! They were terrible-no taste and way too thick. I made a cheese dog and ended up throwing the bun away and just ate the hot dog. I spent $91.00 on this purchase based on all the 5 star reviews-and now I'm doubting they are real reviews-interested to see if this one posts as I've broken no "rules"...I may give the other items a try-but I'm afraid I've wasted my money :(
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  • 5/5 May 21, 2017
    Reviewer: Tammy in North Carolina
    * I love these!!!!! A little chewy, but they hold together really well. Not a strong after taste either. I'm buying 3 packages as I'm writing this.
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  • 5/5 August 19, 2016
    Reviewer: Mitch in Arizona
    * Very good. Nice and soft but a bit chewy. Tasty. Buying more now
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  • 5/5 June 09, 2016
    Reviewer: Janine in Georgia
    * Absolutely love this company! The bagels - Oh heavenly!!!! Ordered the hot dog buns and hamburger buns next (with more bagels thrown in too), The hot dog buns are too small for me as a bun but as a open face meatball hoagie or a garlic bread sticks - PERFECT. The hamburger buns are absolutely spot on for hamburgers or sandwiches!!!!
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  • 5/5 May 15, 2016
    Reviewer: Kristen in Colorado
    * Really enjoy these hot dog buns. Perfect for Homemade Chili Cheese Dogs! But honestly- I mostly use these sliced in half for garlic breadsticks on a night when the family is having garlic bread & I don't have to feel left out. Can't say enough about the great low carb bread company products. Excellent & making this low carb lifestyle doable for me!
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  • 5/5 March 22, 2016
    Reviewer: Andrew in Illinois
    * Great with hotdogs, Italian sausage and bratts!
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  • 5/5 March 26, 2015
    Reviewer: Frederick in Missouri
    * What a terrific company - Great Low Carb Bread Company. Every product I have tried has been great- especially considering the incredible low carb count. This has been a godsend. I have found the buns to be excellent and I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to have a real brat on a bun! Full heartedly recommend!!! PS - also great source of fiber!!!!!!
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  • 5/5 January 14, 2015
    Reviewer: A customer in Arkansas
    * I love bread, but being on low carb meant I couldn't have any until found the Great Low Carb Bread Company products on Netrition. The hot dog buns are smaller than what I'm used to with a hot dog bun, more like a fat breadstick. But the taste is very good. We've been slicing them into three pieces of thin bread per bun, and using one buttered, toasted slice to eat with breakfast. Will definately buy more of these!
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  • 5/5 May 02, 2014
    Reviewer: Zygmont in Washington
    * Finally I can enjoy a good hotdog on a real hotdog bun without all the high carbs ! Was tired of using the low carb wraps I bought at the store. Now I can throw a dog on the bbq and have the real great taste of a honest to goodness hotdog bun. Literally, I believe you have saved my life. The hamburg buns are great as we'll! Thanks again!
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  • 5/5 April 15, 2014
    Reviewer: Gretchen in Oregon
    * These buns are delicious. I don't just use them for hotdog buns. I often cut them at an angle and use them as a garlic bread or fancy them up with other toppings for an appetizer. no one ever knows they are low carb.
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  • 5/5 April 01, 2014
    Reviewer: brenda in Illinois
    * I did not use this bun for sandwiches. Slice the bun open, butter it and sprinkle lightly with garlic powder. Toast on both sides. It makes a very good substitute for crusty bread or croutons.
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  • 5/5 March 28, 2014
    Reviewer: Patricia in Texas
    * YUM! WOW these are good. They hold well with chili, cheese etc.....
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  • 5/5 February 17, 2014
    Reviewer: Keith in Alabama
    * I ordered these hoping they would just make eating a hot dog or lunch meat easier and the taste would not "get in the way" of the contents of the bun. I was very pleasantly surprised how good these buns tasted. I can now enjoy an occasional hot dog or sandwich without cheating on my low carb diet, thank you!
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  • 4/5 May 07, 2017
    Reviewer: Marsha in New Mexico
    * These buns are excellent as a low carb alternative. They are soft but have a spongier, chewier texture. I like to lightly toast them. All the GLCB company products are good as long as they are understood to be substitutes and not exact replacements for the starchy high carb breads. Recommended!
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  • 4/5 December 21, 2013
    Reviewer: Rita in Tennessee
    * I'm type 2 diabetic and have to eat low carb now. Never tried low carb bread before ordering this and the cinnamon bread. The buns are dense, chewy and spongy with flax seeds throughout but taste OK. Not the same as a regular hot dog bun but a good substitute for them. I also split one and used it to make a French bread pizza. It was excellent for this use and made a great individual pizza crust!
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  • 3/5 January 14, 2017
    Reviewer: David in Pennsylvania
    * Barely acceptable alternative for someone on a low carb diet
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  • 3/5 July 04, 2016
    Reviewer: Karen in Florida
    * Buns were big, heavy and tough to eat. I prefer to eat hot dogs on their low carb rye bread. It's delish!!!
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  • 3/5 June 15, 2016
    Reviewer: Dana in Maine
    * These are extremely dense & big for a regular hotdog... way to much bun!! Tasted ok, probably will not order again.
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  • 2/5 March 08, 2016
    Reviewer: Kristin in Georgia
    * These were not for me. I eat the breads (pumpernickel, rye and sesame) from this company and they are pretty good -- especially if you put strong flavors on them to hide the blandness. For me, though, the hamburger and hot dog buns (which seem identical other than shape) had a strangeness to them. Way too dense or something. And somewhat spongy. The other reviewers on this site described perfectly the way they tend to suck up the condiments. I've tried to use these up, as they are not cheap, and I find that each time I end up taking the meat off the bun and eating it plain. These definitely don't do it for me.
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    1/5 March 14, 2016
    Reviewer: Jennifer in Missouri
    * Couldn't eat them, took 2 bites and threw the rest away. Cardboard, no flavor. Waste. Of. Money.
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